Extension Interface

Extension interface

The extension interface is the main gateway to Caddi. It allows you to track different crypto and upload details such as API keys. Pin it to your browser toolbar and click on Caddi to open it.


At Caddi security is our number 1 concern and we are proactively building security from first principles being rather than being reactive. Having been in the space for a while and observing exploits, we value being non-custodial with sensitive data. We do not keep any of your sensitive information, meaning that even if we are hacked your funds are safe.

  • We do not store any crypto at all, you are always in custody of your own tokens
  • Caddi doesn't require any of your seed phrases, you'll use your wallets as usual
  • The API keys are kept locally on your extension and encrypted using your password
  • We use the same encryption which Metamask stores seed phrases with for API key storage
  • A long password is required to encrypt your seed phrase, it has to be long to avoid brute force attacks
  • We do not keep any sensitive data on our servers to ensure that even if we are exploited you are safe
  • We have been security audited and penetration tested


  • Caddi does not collect personal data
  • We track historical trades such that we can display profit and loss to you in the future
  • Privacy Policy here

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