Unlock your on-chain potential

Optimal swaps with a social layer on every dApp
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The Best Price On-chain

Caddi fits seamlessly within your current trading setup and pops up prior to execution to show you cheaper routes.
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Supported Chains & Wallets

We're live on Ethereum, Polygon and Arbitrum and available on Metamask. Our team is working hard on supporting more chains and wallets.
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We take security seriously

Security is our priority, minimizing vulnerabilities and attack surfaces. We're driven to build an open and transparent operating model with frequent audits and third-party diligence. Always.
We don't hold your crypto or APIs, your keys stay in control.
Security Audits
We perform frequent security audits and stress tests
Penetration Tested
We ensure 3rd-party penetration tests protect us from hacks

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“Caddi is like the Honey for crypto. A must have.”
“Caddi was a seamless experience for me when I was trading on Uniswap. Saved me some money and and all in just one simple click. In my opinion it’s an essential easy to use tool for any trader!”
"Caddi has been an extreme improvement for my trading UX, no longer do I have to find the best trading route, trying out different platforms. I can trust that Caddi knows better, it does a better job than I ever could while saving me loads of time. Once you download Caddi you can't do without!"
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Unlock your on-chain potential

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