Partnership Announcement: Caddi x Lava

Caddi has integrated with Lava to accurately forecast gas estimates for our smart contract calls.
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Testimonial: Lava has been really valuable to help Caddi accurately forecast gas estimates for our smart contract calls. The Lava team got us started up immediately with an RPC on the 3 chains we’re live on: Ethereum, Polygon and Arbitrum. We’ve had a great experience so far and are accurately forecasting gas for our users which contributes to our goal, saving money on trades.


We are excited to announce that Caddi, a browser extension that helps users find the best swap prices in crypto, has integrated with Lava, an open-source protocol that powers decentralized RPC.

With this integration, Caddi can accurately & reliably forecast gas estimates, to give our users access to trades on Ethereum, Polygon and Arbitrum.

What is Caddi:

Caddi is a browser extension designed to make every crypto swap cheaper and safer. Our platform picks up swaps as they are sent to wallets and searches for better swap routes, saving users money on every trade. We access both centralized exchanges and decentralized aggregators to re-route a transaction to the optimal price. Caddi also helps users steer clear of scams by vetting transactions and websites to ensure that they aren't being phished or falling for crypto scams.

Caddi has recently come out of private beta and has opened up registration to all users. Click here to register and download the extension.

Caddi’s unique features include:

  • Save money on every crypto transaction: Caddi checks centralized exchanges and decentralized exchange aggregators to find the best price for each transaction, saving users money on nearly all of their swaps.
  • Protection from malicious contracts: Caddi analyzes each transaction and identifies any scams or malicious contracts, presenting them to the user before they sign.
  • Non-custodial – no storage of API keys: Users' API keys are encrypted locally on their Caddi extension, ensuring that they are never stored on our servers or at risk of being hacked.

About Lava:

Lava is a decentralized network of RPC & API providers, through which developers can fetch and send blockchain data with one subscription. Providers offer maximum speed, data integrity and uptime.

Lava offers scalable, performant and private access to web3, through a single protocol: 

  • Decentralized redundancy for high uptime - By being connected to multiple leading RPC providers, apps benefit from 99.99% uptime. The protocol also rewards providers according to their latency, freshness, and availability.
  • Private relays -  Relay requests are routed per epoch to a random and constantly shuffled list of providers, so any user RPC queries going through the network cannot be profiled. 
  • Maximum Scalability - Lava incentivizes network redundancy and runs on a highly scalable appchain, so your app can handle high periods of traffic. 
  • Consensus-Based Data Integrity - Data accuracy, consistency and freshness are preserved by a consensus mechanism which detects and resolves conflicts. Poor service or attempts to manipulate data are caught and disincentivized, with providers staking and signing responses so that they can be held accountable. 

Already supporting 15+ chains including Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum One & Nova, Celo, Starknet, Fantom, Osmosis, Cosmos Hub, Juno, Aptos, Evmos, Canto, Optimism, Base & more are being added every week. Lava ship fast!

Explore Lava here!

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