Why We Built Caddi

Caddi was built for a purpose, to help you navigate a fragmented and messy ecosystem with an endless list of exchanges, dApps and chains.
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Why We Built Caddi

The crypto ecosystem is a messy and fragmented space with an abundance of exchanges, chains and dApps. We understand the problems experienced by crypto traders navigating the crypto ecosystem. At Caddi, we wanted to build a product that would simplify that process and make it easy to make that trade you’ve been eyeing as fast and seamlessly as possible.

When you're executing a swap, the best price exists somewhere, but you don't know where and don't have the time to search for that price. Every second you spend looking for the best route (if at all) you lose valuable time in a sector that moves faster than Usain Bolt in Berlin.

Caddi is your crypto companion, it automatically finds the best price to swap so you can trade with confidence. It also prevents you from being hacked by scanning your transactions for malicious scam contracts and phishing websites.

Caddi exists to simplify your trading workflow

What Are We Solving?

Caddi saves you money on every swap

We always find the best prices for you. That’s our guarantee.

Caddi prevents you from being scammed

We scan all transactions for malicious activities to ensure that you don’t get rug pulled.

Caddi makes managing your crypto easy

In the messy world of crypto, simplicity is the answer. Caddi makes things easy for you by letting you connect your exchanges and manage your trades.

Caddi loves the retail crypto user

We know how hard the bear market hurts. You're currently losing money on every transaction by not using Caddi. We want to empower our Caddi's users with the tools to help them make the most of the crypto ecosystem.

Caddi wants to keep you safe

We're fed up of our space being known for scams, hacks and frauds. We take it personally and want to create a safer environment for the benefit of crypto and it's  adoption.

Caddi wants to make managing crypto feel like a breeze.

We strive to make it as easy as possible to execute optimal transactions is necessary. Everything should be made as simple as possible

Who Is Caddi For?

We're solving this for anyone who executes a swap or trade in crypto. Whether you're a DeFi degen or a crypto dabbler who's just set up a hot wallet for the first time. Caddi will save you money when you swap and keep you protected.

Why Now?

Recently crypto has become so fragmented. There's competition between dApps which is great to see. However, the bear market has been tough and the space is hurting.

We're here for you.

Caddi will save you every penny along the journey (you'll save more than pennies btw). Those savings have never been more valuable, there is a huge amount of money wasted through market inefficiencies. Our goal is to give some of that back to the crypto user one trade at a time. We want the entire ecosystem to be usable and straightforward.

Let’s start this journey together and save money on every trade.

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