Optimal Order Routing

Caddi gets you the best price on every trade, every time.
caddi optimal order routing

How do we get the best prices across centralized and decentralized exchanges?

  1. We pick up the transaction sent to your wallet, figure out the asset being traded and it’s associated price with gas fees
  2. We query the APIs for different exchanges as well as DEX aggregators
  3. If the quoted price is better than the price you were originally trading at we then suggest these routes to trade at
  4. With Caddi, you can simply switch to the best route and save money with one click

How we fit into your trading workflow

  1. Download Caddi
  2. To trade at the best prices and find the best routes, you don't have to do anything different
  3. Whether you’re trading on Uniswap, 1inch or CEXs (in the future), if there's a better price Caddi will pop up and tell you.
  4. In one click you'll be trading the same asset at a better price.
  5. You’ll still sign that transaction with your wallet in DeFi and the trade will happen on the exchange in CeFi

It's efficient, fast and secure.
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