Caddi Browser Extension

Let's dive into why we built a browser extension rather than another dApp. We're live on Chrome and Brave browsers.
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Let's talk about Browser Extensions

Browser extensions are powerful tools and, in our opinion, it’s the perfect platform to build Caddi on. An extension stays with you on every web page and can help you out exactly when you need it.

Are you reading an obscure blog with some interesting alpha and a trade that needs to be executed immediately? Open the extension.

Did you find some alpha, maybe a tweet about a token about to pump? Popup the extension.

Not only does the extension help you trade efficiently and lightning fast without having to switch tabs or change browsers, but you can also get the best prices and routes for those trades.

Caddi will also prevent you from any malicious activities through transaction scanning and phishing protection.

That’s why an extension is the perfect platform for your companion Caddi.

Safety & Security

Navigating crypto should be safer with Caddi than without!

We build with security first, we've learned from past mistakes in the industry that security is the most important factor to solve, and solve by design. We saw hacks like the 3Commas exploit and decided that can’t happen to us, ever. We ensure non-custodial local storage for your centralized exchange API keys and never store anything on our servers, you never give us your wallet seed phrase either.

This is what our extension can do for you:

  • Optimal order routing for CeFi and DeFi
  • Trade on Binance, Kucoin, Kraken as well as the DEX aggregators, 1Inch, Paraswap, Matcha/0x, OpenOcean, LiFi, Kyberswap
  • Use it with your existing wallets or exchanges you have
  • Token price checking and watchlist
  • Scam prevention by preventing you from signing known malicious contracts and going on phishing websites
  • Non Custodial API key storage. Keep your API keys locally and encrypt them so they never leave the extension (the same way Metamask keeps your seed phrase)
It's efficient, fast and secure.
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