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Caddi Weekly Update - March 2nd

We've been at ETHDenver over the last week and it's amazing to see how many builders are active in the space. It's the optimistic energy during these conferences that make us feel bullish about a sector that was put through the wringer over the last few months.
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Decentralized Twitter Is [Kinda] Here.

Bluesky, backed by Jack Dorsey, has been rolling out to users in private beta mode recently. It is some coincidence however that Twitter was down around the same time the launch was announced.

Will decentralized Twitter work? Does it need to be decentralized? Should we move away from the Twitter model altogether? We suspect these are the kind of questions that will be raised as it rolls out to new batches of users over the coming weeks and months.

The app is available on the app store however you can only gain access via an invite. CEO, Jay Graber said: "We really are still in beta, but DM me if you want an invite!"

Worth a shot? You let us know. We can even include your story and product feedback in our next email.

Big Whale Sell-Off

Jeffrey Hwang, an NFT whale, also known as Machi Big Brother, sold 1,010 tokens for 11,680 Ether worth $18.6m within 48 hours, according to Nansen.

Andrew Thurman, Nansen's "simian psychometric enhancement technician", noted that it’s “likely the largest NFT dump ever” which included 90 Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFTs, 191 Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) NFTs, and 308 Otherdeed NFTs.

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