Partnership Announcement: Saferoot by Staging Labs

Staging Labs and Caddi Finance Partner for Secure and Seamless Crypto Trading
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Caddi Finance and Staging Labs are partnering up to make your lives in crypto simpler and safer!

The true potential of crypto is unleashed with robust security and zero friction. That's why Caddi Finance is beyond excited to announce our collaboration with Staging Labs!

Caddi has launched with the extension that saves money on trades as well as protecting against scams! It's set up on Ethereum, Polygon and Arbitrum to work alongside your favourite wallets and dApps!

Although there's huge opportunities in crypto, you have to stay safe out there while you navigate on chain. Francois Le Nguyen  faced this harsh reality personally in a phishing scam, driving home the urgent need for security in the crypto world.

With their new product, Saferoot, users have real-time transaction protection so that you can navigate on-chain with confidence!

By merging Caddi’s swap saving properties with Saferoot's vigilant security, we’re setting our sights on a groundbreaking crypto investing future. Secure and efficient transactions? It's not just a goal, that's why we're here.

As we join forces, Caddi Finance and Staging Labs are lighting the way for crypto’s bright and secure future!

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